The vast majority of "techniques" that you will find use visualization to achieve an effect, but you notice that they don't work,it is not because you don't use visualization enough, quite the opposite in fact, you rely too heavily on it and it can't deliver. IT IS NOT THE VISUALIZATION THAT PERFORMS TASKS IT IS THE ENERGY AND WILL, or rather "oomph" I'll call it, conceptualization and visualization can only get you so far,because they merely focus your brain using the concept as a symbol of what you are attempting to achieve, a message to your subconscious to start focusing your energy on achieving the perceived goal,and energy follows focus. So to get better you need to strengthen your energy and energy systems,and develop willpower meditation yoga and qigong are the three most powerful tools you're gonna get especially learning "moving mountains","shaolin archer", opening your chakras,awakening kundalini,(although it's best to stay away from that in my personal opinion), and doing "flowing breeze swaying willows",and learning cosmos palm/cinnabar palm or "one finger shooting zen". Now I am not implying that you should not visualize, but rather you shouldn't rely so heavily on it. Also,for more on "Oomph", read through the class logs of the psionic social club as they give a lot of help. One thing that also helps is to eliminate any doubts you may have, try learning Astral Projection or learning to see energy. Having the proof before your very eyes convinces your subconscious that it is real and allows you to use a fuller extent of your powers.